New Soldering Station

I have owned a variety of soldering irons over the years. The first had belonged to my father. It was a simple fixed temperature iron with a fairly large tip that wasn’t changeable. My next iron was much the same, replaced simply because the older soldering iron was taking too long to heat up. The third was a variable temperature iron with changeable tips, but it had a really suspicious temperature control mechanism. From what I could see, the temperature was adjusted with a series rheostat that had a rotary dial. Definitely not a high quality tool, but it did only cost $20. Around the same time, I picked up a second hand gas powered portable soldering iron, which I personally find a little difficult to use, but it would suit fine in a pinch.

Now, my most recent soldering tool had been an absolute wonder. For $110 I managed to pick up a station that has a hot air rework gun, which can be adjusted from 100-400C; an adjustable soldering iron with exchangeable tips that heats up much faster than any fixed temperature iron I’ve ever used; a variable 3A dc supply from 0-15V. All 3 have 7-segment screens to display operating parameters. I really have no complaints about this device at all, it’s even good for toasting marshmallows!

soldering station

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