Building the Workbench

Even with a solid draft to work from, there were still some last minute changes to be made. I decided to add additional supports to the design, making it sturdier and preventing bowing in weaker bench top materials.

Cross braces in place.

With all the materials in hand, the actual construction took only 2 days. To any readers considering building their own, I highly recommend buying a Plane, having flat ends on the lengths makes assembly a breeze.

I could not find any photos of the construction process, but from memory I started by assembling the 4 vertical corner posts, then the 3 outside lengths of the lower shelf. The length that sits near the middle had to be cut down a little, but fit snugly, with the 3 short beams rather easy to insert after that. Take your pick of wood screw or M8/6 screws. Do not go any larger, as you sacrifice the strength of the wood when the screw is too thick. With most of the frame completed, I added the two longest beams at the top, followed by the 5 shorter beams. Finally, the bench surface was screwed in from the underside, through the outermost 800mm beams. This avoids ruining the work surface with screw heads.

Here’s the finished Workbench.

Bench Bench

Not bad, right? It’s very stable, clean, and has enough room to stand or sit while working. There’s also plenty of space for storage and for bulky equipment.

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