FYP Board finished! … Almost.

After gathering parts on Saturday and spending most of my Sunday operating the hot air gun, I’ve finally got the board finished! Save for 3 resistors and the right angle header pins I’m apparently out of. Sadly, the supplier I used mislabeled a few parts. It’s lucky I checked, because one of them was 196k instead of 19k.

QFN16 package (an ADC driver) was the hardest thing to solder, but so satisfying for that same reason. As far as I can tell, it’s properly soldered, despite being slightly off-center. Again, plenty of tented vias are visible. Their main purpose is to isolate this section of the board from the high power, high noise section above it.Soldered QFN16 with via fence

The remaining 6 or so hours went to placing the passives, mainly spent sorting through parts, as I had a lot of spares and in one case, was still short by two. It goes without saying that 0603 passives are easy to misplace.

Whole Board soldered

I think the final thing is quite nice. Ironically, every single through hole part was a major hassle to solder. It turns out, as I should have suspected, the BNC connectors make for great heat sinks and while the signal pin soldered fine, the chassis pins all had cold joints. I don’t imagine this will be an issue electrically, but they will be a little weaker. The screw terminals weren’t much better. They’re all rotated in some way and have cold joints. This is very far from what I wanted, but they don’t solder easily.

Either way, I look forward to testing this tomorrow, once I find the remaining parts and finish it off.

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