Project List

This page catalogues all my current and past projects. The first link of each entry links to a static page with a summary of the project, including pictures. The second link displays all relevant blog posts.

Note that completed projects may occasionally be updated or improved upon. In this instance I will make a blog post with the update and highlight the link in yellow.


Current Projects:

  • 100W DIY Solar Panel
  • Pulse Compression Ultrasound Investigation/Simulation



Future/Concept Projects:

  • CNC Mill / XYZ Stage
  • DIY Injection Moulding Machine
  • Quadcopter with DIY Navigation
  • Wireless Media Server/Network
  • Smart Servos
  • Serial Controlled Signal Generator



Completed Projects:

  • Simultaneous Location and Mapping Robot (Uni)
  • Soft MIPS Processor on Altera Cyclone II (Uni)
  • NIOS II Music Player (Uni)
  • Navigation Robot Controlled by Smartphone (First robot project!)
  • Intel 8051 Ultrasonic Object Tracker (Uni)
  • Converted Bench PSU
  • Workbench
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