Runner-Up Team at the Microsoft Hackathon!

The team I organised from the local Makerspace won the runner-up prize at the Microsoft Hackathon! In the end, the turnout wasn’t spectacular, so it was down to 3 teams including ours. The winning project was a elegant and simple elderly monitoring system that was RFID enabled, while our project explored how to optimise traffic using a multi-agent system.

The prize for both the teams was an Intel Galileo, which we unanimously agreed to give to the programmer responsible for most of the code. Initially i had imagined I would be taking over that role, but it seems my .net knowledge wasn’t quite up to scratch, thankfully, the other members knew their way around the framework very well.

All in all it was a fun event, but next time I will be sure to brush up on C# and .NET before entering.

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